No Prize for Collecting Sentimental Objects

Three great reminders about sentimental objects from Erin Doland of my favorite organization blog Unclutterer:

  • Objects are not people. Material possessions are made of plastic or wood or clay or cotton. Blood doesn’t pump through veins in furniture or jewelry or tools or linens. If you get rid of an object, you’re not getting rid of the person who gave it to you or the person you were when you acquired the item.
  • You should focus on living, not preserving. Only hold onto sentimental items that you can find a way to honor, that fill you with joy, and/or that are useful for you. There is no need to act like a curator and keep every object from your past in a box as proof of your existence.
  • There are not awards to collect or accolades to be earned for having the greatest amount of sentimental stuff. You cannot win at being the most sentimental. Your loved ones will not value you more for having an unmanageable amount of sentimental trinkets and doodads. And if you aren’t convinced it’s not a competition, remember a well-edited collection is much more impressive than an avalanche of stuff. Two iconic works of art will fetch more at an auction than a hundred pieces of uncared for mediocre memorabilia.
I continually have problems with object clutter. As I embark on repacking for school and going through all the belongings in my room to get rid of unnecessary items, this is definitely a winning strategy. No need for those soccer trophies from elementary school…


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How do you organize sentimental objects? Do emotions play into your cleaning process? Let me know in the comments.


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