Paint Your Formats

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office and wondered what that paintbrush icon can do for you, this is your post.

Sometimes, you just want to format text so it looks exactly like other text. In the old world, you would have to remember the font, size, color, and any other special attributes you assigned that particular text block in order to apply the same formatting. Luckily, we live in a world where the format painter exists.

That paintbrush icon in Microsoft Office, Open Office, or any other productivity suite is not just for show. It’s a very useful tool to modify the formatting of text and replicate it perfectly elsewhere in your document.

format painter

The format painter!

How to use the format painter:

  1. Highlight the text whose format you would like to copy.
  2. Click on the format painter button.
  3. Highlight the text to which you would like to apply the saved formatting.

Wasn’t that easy? Note that this method will only work for copying formats to one place. If you want to copy your formatting in multiple places, double-click the format painter button. This will preserve the formatting you want to copy for multiple text items until you hit the Escape key.

Now if only WordPress had a format painter….
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