Leave Your Wallet At Home

Spending in modern times is absurdly easy. With credit cards, PayPal, and store-specific mobile payment applications (like the Starbucks iPhone/Android App), it’s easier than ever to buy items you want and also accumulate items you don’t.

Advertising does its job quite well. Unfortunately, that means that people often spend money they may not have intended because it’s much easier to click a button or swipe a credit card than take bills from your wallet. For this problem, I propose a simple idea:

Leave your wallet at home.


Do you really need all of this stuff all the time?

Don’t leave it at home all the time, but if it’s possible, limiting the amount of cash or cards you

carry around with you can be a big help in limiting your spending. As a college student, I don’t need money most of the time on campus, so I have the luxury of carrying a couple dollars of cash on me without having to worry about too many extraneous expenses.

For example, when I go out on the weekends, I usually just carry cash with me (and adjust the amount based on the place I’m going). This way, I’m not tempted by the multitude of items for purchase.

This is definitely one of those tips that won’t work or doesn’t make sense for everyone, but I suggest giving it a try. It’s easy to do and requires almost no effort.

Then of course, you can save that money for that larger purchase you actually care about. (Or even better, keep a picture of that dream purchase in your wallet to remind you not to spend.)


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