Blogging On My Own Terms

So you may have noticed (or maybe not) that I missed a blog post last week. A few years ago, I would have recognized this fact, felt guilty about it for a few days, and delude myself into thinking that somehow, I let down the entire internetz. Luckily for me and the internetz, my perspective has changed quite a bit since then.

Despite my interest in maintaining regularity with this blog, my top priority is to be a student. That means doing my homework, hanging out with friends, and staying involved with my student activities before I post here. Perhaps 3 unique posts a week will be unsustainable because of that, but rest assured, I will still put the same effort and commitment into every post in this blog, even if they are less frequent. Quality over quantity is a great trade-off that many college students (myself included) are afraid to embrace.

You have to start somewhere, and this is the place where I am saying, I will blog on my own terms.


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